The Student Nonprofit Alliance hosts and participates in numerous events and programs each academic year. The primary goal of these events is to teach members how to lead, manage, and implement projects as non-profit professionals. Members develop valuable skills - form collaboration, manage budgets, plan and evaluate programs and events, peers and surrounding community, and professionally network with others in the nonprofit field.


The Student Nonprofit Alliance is organized with a board comprised of nonprofit students who establish policy, set the annual agenda, and promote campus-wide interest in the sector. Board committees prepare the annual calendar of SNA's initiatives and then engage the SNA membership in the implementation and evaluation of those plans. Members serve a one-year term, attend semi-annual planning retreats, and engage other SNA members in board planned events and programs. In 2017-2018, SNA members attend three state conference and organized 22 programs/events including fundraising for charities, training workshops, public education events and direct  service outreach.

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Annual Events and Programs

IZE Week

IZE Week is a series of events that take place during a week in the fall and spring semester. These events touch on important issues such as mental health, adulting, and food insecurity. 

To learn more or to volunteer at one of the IZE Week event, please email [ENTER EMAIL] or visit [website].

Cupcakes for 

a Cause

On-Campus organizations compete against each other by decorating cupcakes in hopes of winning money for their charities. ​

To learn more or to volunteer at this event, please email [ENTER EMAIL].

Read to Me

Read to Me is a program between the Philanthropy, Nonprofit, and Public Administration and Criminology Department. SRU students can help incarnated parents record stories for their children at home. 


To learn more or to get involved, please email [ENTER EMAIL].

We Belong Together

We Belong Together seeks to bring together people once a semester to have a fun night. Those with and without disabilities are invited to enjoy food, games, and dancing. 

To learn more or to get involved, please email [ENTER EMAIL].

Want to keep up-to-date on all of SNA's events and programs? Check out our calendar or visit Core (search for the Student Nonprofit Alliance). 

Past Events

2018 Academy Awards Gala
2018 Hunger Banquet
Hope's 1st Birthday
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SNA E-News

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2020-2021 Executive Board
Mikayla Benson

External Affairs Director

Daija Durbin

Internal Affairs Director

Alexis Mejia

Secretary/Member Services

Morgan Hurley


Andrea Altman

Social Media and Public Relations

Alice Del Vecchio
Dylon Fleming

Website Manager

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