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Volunteer/Employment Opportunities


As a VISTA, you are one of hundreds of VISTAs nationwide and part of a statewide cohort of other VISTAs who get the chance to connect each month through multiple avenues such as workshops, webinars, focus groups, and more. This allows you to talk about your successes and challenges in your project and prepare for life after VISTA.

Anti-Poverty Vista

The Institute coordinates the Butler County Anti-Poverty Coalition, a collection of agencies (faith-based, nonprofits, government) that support individuals experiencing poverty.  The goal of the coalition is to collectively address the root causes  poverty across the county. This network of organizations was formed in August 2021 and is gaining momentum. We are focusing on a specific low-income neighborhood in Butler as a pilot project around which many agencies will rally.  APC VISTA will continue to develop the coalition, coordinate the Year of Family Fun, and seek support funding. 

165 organizations have received capacity-building services through APC Vista. Additionally, 30 organizations have been able to increase their program reach, and 15 individuals received resume assistance through a workshop. APC Vista-led activities have also strengthened Broad Street families. The APC Vista project has raised over $77,600.00 in resources towards The Anti-Poverty Summit and "What a Kid to Do?"

Recovery Center/SUD Vista

Recovering Life supports recovery in Butler County through research, creating SUD networks, fostering inter-agency collaboration, hosting conferences, offering the chance for those in recovery to connect with policy makers to be part of the solution.

20 organizations/coalitions/networks have received capacity-building services, and 6 organizations have increased their program reach through the efforts of the SUD Vistas. 67 individuals attended the 2022 "Ring in the New Year with Recovery."

Social Determinations of Health 

SDoH VISTA works with a variety of Butler County organizations that support social determinants of health (nutrition, housing, financial stability, education, safety, healthcare/mental health care access) to launch a public education campaign (based on the Kaiser Family Foundation SDoH model). The goal is to help the general public recognize the role we each play in enhancing our overall health and quality of life as well as identifying what support services are available to promote overall well-being. The campaign is called "Your Health in Your Hands and Help is at Your Fingertips". This campaign will continue the work started through regional conference and a variety of follow up activities to continue the momentum. We are working a build a Butler County SDoH network of community partner organizations so that their staff can better understand SDoH and how various domain impact the work they do with clients, and continue constructing and leveraging existing public health outreach to address SDoH issues.  



88 organizations/coalitions/networks have received capacity-building services through the Year 1 and 2 SDoH Vistas. Also, 12 organizations have been able to increase their program reach, 497 individuals were able to increase their health knowledge, 450 individuals were able to increase food security, and 9 children were able to increase their health (vision) from the Vision to Learn event to the efforts of the SDoH Vista project.

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